Heavy rain alert in this district of Rajasthan, know the latest update

Kota : The Meteorological Department has issued a double alert for rain in many districts of Rajasthan for the next 90 minutes. The department has issued orange and yellow alerts and has also predicted thunderstorms along with rain in many districts. The southwest monsoon entered Rajasthan via Mewar-Hadauti on Tuesday. Monsoon rain also occurred in some areas of both the regions, but monsoon rain was awaited in Kota of Hadaoti region even on Wednesday. Clouds were there, but it did not rain. Due to this, heat and humidity remained strong. The situation was such that people started feeling uneasy due to heat and humidity. The wind from the cooler fan also remained ineffective. Despite sunset, the effect of humidity did not reduce. Dense clouds covered the sky late in the evening and lightning flashed, but the clouds disappointed. The maximum temperature of Kota was 37.6 and the minimum temperature was 29.7 degree Celsius. The humidity in the morning was 70 percent and the wind speed was 3 km per hour.

Double alert in these districts

The Meteorological Department has issued a double alert and warned of thunderstorms in many districts. An orange alert has been issued, predicting light to moderate rain with thunder and lightning at some places in Jaipur and Dausa districts and one or two rounds of heavy rain with lightning and thunderstorms at the speed of 30-40 km per hour. Also, weak structures, kutcha houses, walls, light and loosely tied objects, power lines and trees etc. can be damaged. In such a situation, take shelter in a safe place during thunderstorms, do not take shelter under trees. Remove the plugs of electronic devices. Wait for the weather to become normal. While issuing a yellow alert, light to moderate rain with thunder and strong winds at the speed of 20-30 km per hour has been predicted at some places in Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Karauli, Kota and Sawaimadhopur districts.

The weather department had predicted the entry of monsoon in Rajasthan on 20th June this year, but the monsoon entered Rajasthan five days late than the department’s estimate. Monsoon rain usually occurs in Kota on 25th June, but it did not rain on Wednesday despite the atmosphere being favorable. The weather department has predicted cloudy weather, rain with strong winds for a week from 27th June in Kota division. There may be heavy rain at some places. The administration has deployed SDRF in Hadauti region.