So many students from many countries are learning Ayurveda system in Jaipur

In countries like France, Afghanistan, Iran, not only has faith in treatment through Ayurveda, the world’s oldest system of medicine, been developed, but a desire to learn treatment through this system has also been awakened in them. Children from here are coming to India to learn Ayurvedic medicine. At the National Ayurveda Institute located at Zorawar Singh Gate in the capital, not only children from the country but also foreigners are acquiring this knowledge. At present, 67 students from 17 countries are learning different forms of Ayurveda here. Some of them are doing UG-PG in Ayurveda while some are doing PhD. Many students are also doing PhD in Ayurveda after completing Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and MD.

Children said…we will get treatment in our own countries

-Iranian student Dr. Fatemeh Moazzamipairo came to study BAMS in 2016. Now she is doing MD in the Department of Code and Fundamentals. Dr. Fatemeh said that she has learnt Sanskrit, English and Hindi after coming here. Her aim is to establish Ayurveda and Wellness Centre in Iran. -Dr. Avvinish, a resident of Trinidad and Tobago, said that he had done B.Tech. Then he thought of studying Ayurveda medicine and now he is doing PhD in Panchkarma Department. It is a matter of happiness that I am the first student from my country to come here to study.

Children from these countries are here

France, Iran, Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand, Ghana, Sudan, Bangladesh, Syria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Togo, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Zambia, Tanzania and Trinidad and Tobago.