If the youth is confused about employment and job announcements, then see these actual announcements

Jaipur : A lot of announcements have been made in the first budget of Bhajanlal government of Rajasthan. But the biggest thing in the budget presented by Finance Minister Diya Kumari for the state is for employment and jobs. Since the issue of employment and jobs before and after the elections of the people and youth of the state was employment and jobs. Because of this, the announcements made for employment and jobs in the budget are the focus of the people and especially the youth. There is continuous migration for jobs and employment in Rajasthan. In such a situation, the youth have a lot of expectations from the new BJP government of Rajasthan. The announcements made for employment and jobs in the Rajasthan budget. There is also confusion among some youth about them. Since 10 lakh jobs are being talked about on social media. In such a situation, it is a pleasure that so many youth are going to get jobs. However, it has also been said that 1 lakh recruitments are proposed to be done this year i.e. in 2024. In such a situation, it is very important to remove the confusion of the youth regarding jobs and employment.

Job and employment are two different things

First of all, know that job and employment are two different words, which have been discussed in the budget. Here job is described as recruitment. Whereas there are many means and opportunities of employment. This will be provided through various means. In which apart from government recruitment and private recruitment of youth, they will be created for employment opportunities through Skill Development. Through this, employment can be in other states, country and abroad. There can also be startups in this.

4 lakh recruitment in 5 years

In the announcements made in the government’s budget, it has been told that the government has resolved to make 4 lakh recruitments in 5 years. That is, 4 lakh jobs can be proposed during the 5-year government. Whereas the government has said that recruitment is proposed for more than 1 lakh posts this year i.e. in 2024. To achieve this, the government will take the initiative to conduct recruitment examinations in a timely manner. For this, the government will release a calendar of examinations. However, earlier the government had announced recruitment for 70 thousand posts in its interim budget. In this, the government says that 20 thousand youth have been given appointment.

10 lakh employment opportunities

The government has announced to provide more than 10 lakh employment opportunities in the budget. For this, it has been announced to bring ‘Yuva Niti-2024 Yojana’. Under this, employment opportunities will be provided with skill upgradation in government and private sectors. For this, AI based counseling facility, apprenticeship or internship program will be run for the youth. To develop skill capacity in the youth and make them employable, 1.50 lakh youth will be trained in 2 years by making the currently running courses relevant through State Skill Policy. Apart from this, it has been announced to run Atal Entrepreneurship Program to set up startups. In this, it is proposed to provide funding facility of up to Rs 10 crore under i-Start Fund. Whereas to provide financial assistance to startups through equity funding, it is proposed to create a Fund of Fund with Rs 100 crore.