Water will be brought to Ramgarh dam from 147 KM away, know how much time it will take?

Jaipur : The government has started work to bring water to Ramgarh Dam. A provision of Rs 9600 crore has been made in the budget to connect Ramgarh Dam with PKC-ERCP project. Under this, the Water Resources Department is preparing a detailed project report (DPR) for how to bring water from Isarda Dam to Ramgarh Dam. This process will take 5-6 months. It is being told that work will be done on this route both through pipeline and canal, although everything will depend on the DPR. This project is also a part of the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP). First water will come to Isarda Dam and from there it will reach Ramgarh Dam. It will take about four years.

With the inflow of water in the dam, the drinking water crisis in more than a thousand villages of six tehsils of Jaipur district will be resolved. Along with this, water will also be available for irrigation. The distance of Ramgarh Dam from Isarda Dam (on the basis of canal route) is about 147 kilometers. It is worth mentioning that Rajasthan Patrika had already given information about this exercise in the news published in this regard.

This is how it will work

Under ERCP, there is Navnera-Galwa-Bisalpur-Isarda link project to bring Chambal water to Bisalpur dam. After this, there will be a separate project to bring water from Isarda to Ramgarh dam. Work will be done on both the projects simultaneously.