Illegal construction is going on in the city without any check, the responsible people turn a blind eye, court orders are being disregarded

Jaipur : . The court has been issuing orders to the government and government agencies from time to time to make the road easier for the people. In many cases, it has even reprimanded, but instead of taking action, the officers suppressed the orders. The pedestrians and drivers have to bear the brunt of this, and it has also increased the trouble of those people who, due to lack of information, kept building houses and shops within the road limits. The land dealers kept filling their pockets and those of the responsible officers by settling these people there. The side effect was that whenever the road width was increased, then such affected people also got affected. JDA and Municipal Corporation are not doing anything to stop such a situation. Whereas, people can be saved from land dealers by putting up a board of the proposed road width and right of way on the spot.

It is mandatory to do this

The road width is proposed in the master plan and zonal plan. Apart from this, the plan of sector road is also made. In such a situation, it is mandatory to display the board of the prescribed right of way in the areas connected to these proposed roads. So that, people know what is the width of the road here. Construction will be done on this basis and officers will also know who is constructing in the prescribed right of way. Land traders will not be able to mislead the land buyers.

These are the people most affected by road widening

It is mandatory to display the board for determining the right of way, but because this is not done, people are being cheated. What happened on Tuesday on Vande Mataram Road from B2 Bypass crossing in Jaipur has also happened 7 years ago in Gopalpura Bypass and 5 years before that in Barkatnagar market. What was the result? Temporary encroachments replaced permanent encroachments and the problem remained the same.

Now the root needs to be uprooted. The root is not hidden in the underworld. Rather, it is in front of everyone like flowers and leaves. The root is the leader and the officer… Till the time these real culprits are not awakened from their slumber, the process of demolishing shops and houses will not stop. It is true that the path of the public should be smooth. The one who has a right on the road should get full facilities. Why should a few people occupy the road forgetting the facilities of lakhs of people? But the fault is not of these few people alone. The main culprits are those leaders and officers who kept their eyes closed when the occupation was taking place. Ignoring the complaints and anger of the public, they allowed illegal construction. The leaders remained silent in the greed of votes. The officers kept their eyes closed and pockets open till the water passed over the head. Then suddenly one day they pounced upon it with court orders and heavy machinery.

Now the big question is whether the court has ordered to remove encroachment only from Vande Mataram Road. The court has given many orders to remove encroachment, then why do the officers not use bulldozers there. Actually, the court’s decision does not matter for the leaders and officers. What matters is the calculation of profit and loss. If the price of land has to be increased or there is benefit in terms of votes, then the court’s order will be followed immediately. If there is benefit from the encroachers, then the order will be filed in the office. It is unfortunate that the court does not monitor its compliance after giving the order. Leaders and officers take advantage of this process of giving court orders and then ending it.

If this was not the case, how could the master plan not be followed? The High Court gave an order on January 12, 2017 regarding the master plan. It clearly said that the state government should decide the zones where multi-storey buildings should be built. There should be no adverse effect on the lives of people living in colonies. This order could not be implemented in the state till date. In the master plan, the width of the road from Jhalana bypass to Apex Circle is 200 feet, but only 100 feet of road is available on the spot. The serious thing is that bypassing the master plan, the officers have passed the maps of 5-6 buildings here within a radius of 200 feet. Three buildings have already been built. The Municipal Corporation has also built its own building. Why do the officers not have the courage to remove encroachment from Jhalana bypass? Earlier, the officers did not remove the encroachment by citing interference of Kalicharan Saraf, Ashok Parnami, Arun Chaturvedi. Now they are avoiding action by taking shelter of Rafiq Khan and Kalicharan Saraf.

The High Court has ordered to widen the Mount Road from Ramgarh Mod Square, to increase the width of Subhash Marg in C-Scheme to 60 feet, to widen the road from Bais Godown to Sanganeer ROB by 100 feet, to stop commercial activities on Madhya Marg in Mansarovar and to remove encroachments from the markets of Parkota area, but encroachments are spread everywhere. Similarly, the Rajasthan High Court has given orders several times to cancel the encroachments and illegal allotments in the flow area of ​​Ramgarh Dam, but the government never took any concrete action and kept on whitewashing.

Ultimately, it is the public that is suffering losses due to all this. First, there is loss of life and property in accidents while driving on narrow roads. Then suddenly one day, the money spent on encroachment removal action will also be spent from the same treasury. Such responsible persons should be identified, who are seeing illegal occupation and encroachment happening in front of their eyes, but do nothing. Accountability of each and every officer responsible for the illegal constructions done so far should be fixed. Along with this, compensation for every loss should be made from these responsible persons. Only then will we be able to get rid of this series of long troubles and then huge destruction. Otherwise, after a few years, bulldozers will have to be run on some crowded market.

Here they are suppressing the intention of the court

1. There are orders to develop Mount Road from Ramgarh Mod Square. This includes making the road width as per the requirement and removing encroachments so that movement between Amer Road and Shastri Nagar becomes easy. Currently, drivers are forced to take a long detour via Badi Chaupad, Chhoti Chaupad and Chandpol.

2. Orders to remove encroachment from the main markets of the fort, but encroachment is spread all over. Whenever the court reprimanded the officers in this matter, action was taken only for show. After this, the road started getting narrow again. Due to this, the grandeur of the fort is also getting affected.

3. The court ordered to stop commercial activities on Madhya Marg in Mansarovar, but instead of complying, the officers kept waiting for the stay order. A well-planned scheme was also made to allow the activities here, but nothing happened. Now the drivers have to crawl through the road.

5. In March this year, the court reprimanded the construction on the parking space of RSEB colony in Vaishali Nagar. The JDA team prepared a report, but due to pressure from influential people, no action could be taken.

6. JDA has deleted the 100 feet sector road passing through Radhaswami Nagar of Prithviraj Nagar. In the year 2019, the zone level committee decided that there is a 30 feet road on the spot. It was made 40 feet.

7. The road width on Subhash Marg in C scheme is different. Along with this, illegal commercial activities are also going on at many places. JDA also issued notices on the interim order of the court, but later the matter cooled down.