Illegal encroachment up to 30 feet on a 90 feet road, traffic jam, common people troubled

Jaipur : In Johri Bazaar, there is a 42 feet parking space on both sides of the 90 feet wide road. Parking has been made up to 21 feet on one side of the market, while only 23 feet of road is left for traffic.

Kishanpole Market: In Kishanpole too, the corporation has made paid parking available up to 40 feet in the 90 feet wide market. There is encroachment in the verandahs. There are 4-5 feet wide footpaths, but they are encroached. In such a situation, only 20 feet of road is left for the drivers to walk on one side in the market.

Chaura Rasta: The width of the road in Chaura Rasta is 90 feet. Out of this, Heritage Nagar Nigam has arranged paid parking on 40 feet. That is, out of the 45 feet wide road on one side, 20 feet are marked for paid parking. In the market, only 23 to 24 feet of road is left for traffic on one side.

Ramganj Market: The width of the road in Ramganj market is 90 feet. People have encroached and parked vehicles up to 44 feet in the market. Only 22 feet of road is left on one side for movement in the market, in which drivers as well as pedestrians are forced to walk in the middle of the traffic.

Ghatgate Market: In Ghatgate Market, the road is wide towards Ramganj Chaupad, whereas the road towards Ghatgate is narrow. When the road was measured at Luharon Ka Khurra, encroachment was found up to 58 feet out of the 96 feet wide road. Shops are set up on the verandah and footpath in the market. There is only 15 to 20 feet of road for drivers. Pedestrians were also seen walking on it.

Jaipur. Parkota jammed, crawling vehicles…, the imagination of a smooth road is far away. This is the reality of Parkota markets. When the team measured the width of the road in the market on Tuesday along with the traders, encroachment of 30 to 50 feet was found on a 90 feet road. Heritage Nagar Nigam has ‘sold’ half the road of the main markets for parking for about Rs 1.75 crore annually. Only 20 to 25 feet of road was visible for the movement of drivers.