In Jodhpur, a female employee demanded bribe in the name of marking attendance, video of ACB’s action surfaced

The ACB team has caught a broker along with a female employee from Jodhpur’s MDM Hospital while taking bribe. The female employee used to maintain the attendance register of contract workers. She used to add 12 extra attendances to the employees’ attendance and ask for commission money. After the complaint, the ACB caught her and the broker taking bribe on Friday. On being caught, the female employee started crying holding her head.

ACB’s DY SP Gordhanram said- A contract employee of Mathuradas Mathur Hospital had complained. He had told that the hospital’s ECG technician Vaishali Sharma takes attendance of contract workers.

He worked as a technician in the hospital for 27 days but in-charge Vaishali Sharma passed the payment by making a record of 40 days of attendance. After this, she demanded Rs 3600 as commission for writing 12 days extra attendance.

Bribe money found in woman employee’s bag

On receiving the complaint, ACB conducted a verification, which confirmed the demand for bribe. The ACB team took action today and raided the office of a technician in the multi-level ICU of MDM Hospital. After taking the bribe money from the complainant, Vaishali gave it to the broker Piyush Sharma. After this, the broker gave some money to him. ACB recovered Rs 3600 from Vaishali’s bag and caught her along with the broker.

On being caught, she started crying holding her head

As soon as ACB caught the female employee, she started crying holding her head. The female employee Vaishali Sharma was selected as a technician in Mathuradas Mathur Hospital of Jodhpur about two and a half years ago. She was given the responsibility of making attendance and recording attendance records of the contract workers working in a department here. As soon as she got this job, greed started coming in Vaishali’s mind.

He, along with the contract worker broker, started targeting those young men who were newly employed as staff in MDM Hospital. Vaishali Sharma and her fellow brokers used to take money as commission from these contract workers by registering more attendance in the attendance register despite working for less days. A contract worker working as an ECG technician gets Rs 280 per day, in which he has to work for 6 hours.