Liquor is being openly marketed through social sites, crime has increased, questions raised on the administration

Jaipur : There is a ban on the promotion of liquor in the state. Despite this, liquor is being marketed indiscriminately on social sites. Not only this, many club operators are uploading videos and photos by getting them shot by professional models. The officers of the Excise Department remain unaware of this. In fact, to attract the youth, various brands of liquor are being marketed by bar and club operators on their social pages. In which many types of offers are being given including providing cheap beer and liquor. Thousands of likes are being seen on many reels. Many liquor manufacturing companies are also doing the same. This kind of online marketing of liquor is affecting not only the youth but also teenagers. Because children are also using smart phones for studies. In such a situation, they also use social sites and other platforms. Their families are also worried about this.

Big question…the method is wrong, how can we be strict?

An excise officer said that as per the rules, marketing of liquor on social sites is illegal. Marketing of clubs or bars can be done, but marketing of any brand of liquor cannot be done in it. Under the Excise Rules in Rajasthan, there is a provision of action on the promotion of liquor. This law also applies to social sites. But the department does not have adequate resources for monitoring. Excise officers are not paying attention. Because of this, people are taking advantage of it.