After Hathras, now a Baba from Rajasthan is trending, know the whole matter

Jaipur : After the death of 121 people in the Hathras incident, a baba from Rajasthan is in the news among Surajpal alias Narayan Sakar Bhole Baba in UP. When the police came to arrest the baba, he was curing diseases like cancer with cloves and saffron. On seeing the police, he ran so hard that they could not be caught. There has been no trace of him since two days. When we talked to the people present in the pandal, they said that apart from curing many serious diseases, the baba also gives a guarantee of the birth of a boy.

This baba is from Bharatpur, his name is Anil Kumar Garg

Actually, the name of this Baba who gave guarantee of the birth of a boy is Anil Kumar Garg who was running a court in Bayan of Bharatpur district. His wife and children are waiting for him and Baba’s message to his devotees is that he will meet him soon at the new place. After the incident in Uttar Pradesh, police has started taking action against Babas in Rajasthan too.

Baba gets treatment for many diseases like cancer by swinging the stick

Investigation revealed that Anil Kumar Garg Baba’s ashram was running in Murki village of Bayana town in Bharatpur. He had come to Bharatpur from Madhya Pradesh about 2 months ago. His followers say that Baba has two types of sticks. He treats cancer and other serious diseases by swinging a stick. Wherever there is pain, he presses the stick hard and says that now there will be no disease, I have done the operation. After that, he gives prasad of cloves and rose flowers.

Gives 100 percent to pregnant woman

The second stick is used to get rid of evil spirits, ghosts and other problems. It is also guaranteed that if a woman is pregnant, she will 100% have a boy. Such banners and posters have also been put up in an ashram near the village. People have Baba’s number.

Baba now reached Gwalior from Rajasthan

2 days ago, the police had stopped Baba from setting up an ashram and since then he has been missing. Now information is coming that he is in touch with people through phone and the police will reach him soon. However, no case of any kind has been registered against Baba. The landlord of the house where he lives says that Baba has gone to Gwalior to meet his ailing mother. He will return soon.