This strange love story came to light in Rajasthan, BA pass girl fell in love with this boy

Churu : It is always said that there is no discrimination of any kind in love. Even if one side of the boy and the girl is weak, both become the same. A similar case has come to light from Churu district of Rajasthan. Here a 21-year-old BA pass girl fell in love with a boy who had studied till second class.

This unique love is of Sardarshahar in Churu district

The love was such that the girl left her home to spend her life with the boy. Now the police also sent both of them together. Pooja, who lived in Sardarshahar of Churu district, fell in love with a boy named Poonamchand. Pooja left her home and after that both of them got a live-in relationship agreement made in the court and started living together.

I tried to explain a lot to the girl…but she didn’t listen

When Pooja’s family filed a missing report, the police started looking for her. Police found Pooja with Poonamchand. Police found both of them and then brought them to the police station. The family tried to convince the girl in front of the police but she did not listen.

Pooja is adamant on one thing

The girl Pooja told her family that she will stay with Poonamchand only. No matter what the situation, she will not go away from him. After this, the police also told both of them to stay together and sent them away from there.