Prices of garlic increased in the market, people were shocked to hear the price, budget was shaken

Kota : There is a good inflow of garlic in Krishi Upaj Mandi these days too. The Mandi administration has provided three sheds for the sale of garlic. Which get filled in one day’s entry. Due to this, garlic is being allowed to enter the Mandi only two days a week. Garlic has been auctioned in all three sheds in the Krishi Mandi on Monday. Now on Tuesday, tractor trolleys of garlic were given entry from 6 am. After this, garlic will get entry only on Friday. Mandi Secretary Manoj Meena said that this arrangement has been made to keep the farmers’ commodity safe in the rainy season. If garlic is allowed entry for a week, then there is no safe place left for auction of other commodities. Three sheds have been provided for garlic and five sheds for other commodities in the Mandi.

Prices high from the start

Earlier, lottery garlic was being sold at the rate of 6 thousand to 6500 rupees per quintal in the market. Due to increased demand in the last week, its price has increased by about 2 thousand 500 rupees. It is now being sold at the rate of 8 thousand to 8 thousand 500 rupees per quintal. On the other hand, box quality garlic is being sold at the rate of 20 to 22 thousand rupees per quintal. The average goods are being auctioned at 11 thousand to 15 thousand rupees per quintal. About 25 thousand sacks of garlic arrive in the market with just one day of entry. Harish Vijay, General Secretary of Garlic Traders Association, said that the arrival will remain good in July, it will be halved in August.

Arrival of 30 to 35 thousand sacks of other commodities

Apart from garlic, the arrival of other commodities is also 30 to 35 thousand sacks these days. On Monday also, about 20 thousand sacks of soybean, 5 thousand sacks of mustard, 5 thousand sacks of wheat, one thousand five hundred sacks of gram and 2 thousand sacks of coriander and 2 thousand sacks of paddy and other commodities arrived in the market. Mandi trader Vimal Bansal said that the prices of all commodities are stable. Soybean is being auctioned at the price of 4 to 4 thousand 460, mustard is being sold at the price of 53 hundred to 56 hundred rupees per quintal. Coriander is being sold at the price of 6 thousand to 6 thousand 800, paddy is being sold at the price of 24 hundred to 38 hundred rupees per quintal. On the other hand, the prices of wheat are running slow by about 100 to 150 rupees per quintal from the previous price. On Monday, wheat was sold at the price of 25 hundred to 27 hundred rupees per quintal.