In this state a child becomes a debtor as soon as he is born, know the whole matter

Jaipur : Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma’s government in Rajasthan has released its first budget. The government made many announcements for the state in its first budget. But do you know that the debt burden in Rajasthan is also increasing continuously. Today, if we talk about per capita debt in Rajasthan, a small child has a debt of about 70 thousand rupees as soon as he is born. Rajasthan government will have so much debt in 5 years Rajasthan is so much in debt that the government has to take loan even to pay the loan installment. When the government released its Vote on Account in the month of February, at that time itself the government had told that the government will take a loan of about 67240 crores this year as well. If the government keeps taking loans like this, then this amount will become 3.5 lakh crores in 5 years.

This is how debt kept increasing in Rajasthan in 3 decades

Debt has been increasing continuously in Rajasthan for the last three decades. Because the government has been more inclined towards taking loans instead of economic liberalization. During this period, if we talk about the governments, then the Bharatiya Janata Party was in power five times and the Congress three times, but both of them accused each other of taking loans but no one worked to reduce this debt. During 1990, the debt on the state was Rs 6127 crores. But at present it has become Rs 5 lakh 79 thousand 781 crores.

There was so much debt during the Gehlot government

In Rajasthan, the government of the previous Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also took a loan of Rs 2.24 lakh crore during its tenure. Out of this, only Rs 93 thousand crore was spent on building permanent assets in the state. While 60% of the amount was spent by the government in meeting the daily needs of the state. If we now divide the total loan on the basis of per capita in the state, then this amount is Rs 70 thousand.