Due to this small mistake, the young man died, there was chaos, know the matter

Jhunjhunu : In the darkness of the night in Rajasthan, a young man went to the roof to dry clothes. He was not careful and put his wet shirt on the live wire. He got stuck to the live wire. Even after a lot of efforts, he could not be saved.

this was the whole matter

A young man who had gone to dry clothes died due to electric shock. The place where he was hanging the clothes on an iron rod for drying, an electric wire was passing close by there. As soon as his wet shirt fell on the electric wire, the young man died within moments. He was stuck to the electric wire for about 1 hour. His friend kept calling the electricity department, but later the friend moved him away with the help of a wooden stick, but by then he had died. The incident happened in Sadar police station area of ​​Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

went to dry the clothes after washing them at night

Police said that Mukesh, who lives in Malsar village, had gone to his friend’s house in Jakhal village to attend a function. While returning, he stayed at his friend’s house as it was too dark. Around 3 o’clock in the night, he washed his clothes and went to dry them on an iron rod in the courtyard near the house.

got an electric shock

During this time, the young man got an electric shock and got stuck to the rope. Mukesh’s friend told the police that Mukesh was removed from the rope and admitted to the hospital. But he had already died. Most of his body was burnt. He told that there was an electric wire passing near the place where the rope was tied, but due to darkness, Mukesh could not see it and this accident happened.

The young man was preparing to become a teacher

When the family members came to know about this incident, there was chaos. Mukesh was preparing for teacher recruitment exams. He was only 21 years old. The mother became unconscious after the death of her young son. The police have registered a case in this matter today afternoon.