Due to these two policemen in Rajasthan, Khaki got stained, suspended, know the matter

Ajmer : SP Devendra Bishnoi of Ajmer district of Rajasthan is known for taking immediate and strict action. The SP has taken another strict action and suspended two policemen. An investigation has also been started against them. The matter is very shocking. Two policemen have lost their jobs for just Rs 150.

Both the policemen had made a mistake

In fact, two policemen posted at the Kotwali police station of the district had breakfast with a street vendor on Tuesday. After eating breakfast, when the street vendor asked for money, both the policemen threatened him and started showing off their uniforms, although both of them were not in uniform at that time.

The video exposed the entire truth of the policemen

One policeman said that he is in the police and will get the cart closed in 1 minute. The other one also threatened. Both were drunk. Even then when the cart driver tried to ask for money, both of them beat him and pushed him down. Both the policemen Arijit Singh and Sitaram did not even know that people made their video and posted it on social media. The complaint of this reached SP Devendra Bishnoi on Tuesday itself.

Investigation has started against the policemen

When the SP got the matter investigated at his level, it was found to be true. After that, both the policemen were suspended this afternoon and an inquiry has been initiated against them. It is being told that the breakfast was only for Rs. 150. Despite that, due to the arrogance of not paying the money, both the policemen had to lose their jobs.