Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater’s website is going viral for its unique Hinglish

Jaipur : Jaipur Municipal Corporation has gone viral on social media due to its unique website. On the website of Jaipur Municipal Corporation Greater, options in Hinglish have been given instead of English and Hindi to make it easier for the common people to lodge their complaints. This allows common people to lodge complaints easily. Most government websites are kept formal. An option to view them in English, Hindi or another language is given. However, Jaipur Municipal Corporation has done something out of the box which has become a topic of discussion. It has provided Hinglish options for filing complaints so that it becomes easier for the common people.

Options like “The car does not stop, it moves fast” are available for complaining

When a person visits the municipal corporation website to register a complaint about his area, he gets options in Hinglish. This is easy for most locals to understand. For example, if a person wants to complain about garbage collection by municipal corporation workers, he is given options like “The vehicle does not stop, it moves fast”, “Dustbin has to be emptied outside the colony”, “Helper does not collect garbage”. If someone wants to complain about stray animals in his area, he is given options like “There are too many monkeys”, “The dog has gone mad, it needs to be caught”.


An X user has posted a screenshot of the website. The user has praised the developer of the website. People are reacting differently to this post. The post was shared on X on July 10. It has been viewed more than 1.6 lakh times in a few hours. It has gone viral on X.