Jabalpur : The minor girl who killed railway employee father Rajkumar Vishwakarma and brother Tanishk on March 15 this year in Millennium Colony of Civil Lines police station of the city has been arrested by the police. After a search of about two and a half months, she was taken into custody by Haridwar police on Tuesday evening. However, her boyfriend Mukul Singh, who is being told as the mastermind of the incident, escaped after dodging the police. As soon as the information was received, a team of Jabalpur police has left for Haridwar.

Jabalpur Double Murder Case

The minor and her boyfriend were on the run for the past 70 days. For this, the police had sent teams to many states across the country and pasted posters to search for the accused. The police got information about the accused through the poster.

Jabalpur Superintendent of Police Aditya Pratap Singh said that on Tuesday, a call came from Haridwar police. The picture of the minor was shown on a video call. A team of Jabalpur police has been sent to Haridwar. The police will bring her to Jabalpur soon. He said that Mukul Singh will also be in police custody soon. Haridwar police has cordoned off the area. It is expected that he will be arrested soon.

It is worth mentioning that Rajkumar Vishwakarma, 52 years old, and his son Tanishk, 8 years old, were murdered brutally on March 15 this year in Millennium Colony of Railway in Civil Lines. After the murder of father Rajkumar and brother Tanishk, the minor daughter sent a voice message to her cousin in Bhopal saying that Mukul, who lived in the neighborhood, had killed Papa and Bhai. When the police reached with RPF at around 3 pm, the house was locked from outside.

The police broke the lock and entered inside. Rajkumar’s body was lying in the kitchen, soaked in blood. The body was closed in a polythene. Tanishk’s body, soaked in blood and wrapped in a sheet over the polythene, was found in the fridge. After this, the 17-year-old daughter of the railway employee ran away with her boyfriend Mukul Singh (21). The police had got their location in different states. The accused kept changing places every time. After this, the police distributed posters and photos of the accused in many states and interrogated them.

Superintendent of Police Aditya Pratap Singh said that preliminary information has revealed that the accused Mukul and the minor were staying in ashrams, gurdwaras and other religious places. They used to eat food and spend the day here. Similarly, they were in an ashram in Haridwar where the watchman saw Mukul’s face matching the poster. He informed the police about it, after which the police took action. When the police were laying a trap to catch him in Haridwar, Mukul got suspicious and ran away from there after saying that he would come a little later. The police is still investigating.