Jaipur’s Mansarovar is becoming an education hub, there is a line of coaching centers

Jaipur : The Mansarovar area of ​​the city is becoming a hub of tourism along with education day by day. It is also making its mark as a tourist destination. If the local people are to be believed, the tourists visiting Jaipur have also started visiting Mansarovar. After the City Park, the Fountain Square is attracting people here. The beauty of this place increases as the evening approaches.

Manasarovar is making its mark in the field of education

Mansarovar has also started making its mark for studies. There are many schools and colleges here, where children are staying for studies. There are also many big coaching centers. Due to the opening of coaching centers, food stalls and PGs are increasing, due to which employment opportunities (Jobs In Rajasthan) are increasing. There are 8 to 10 big coaching centers in Mansarovar at places like Patel Marg, Mansarovar Plaza, SFS, Vikramaditya Marg, Thadi Market. There are many schools on Aravali Marg, Vijay Path, Gokhale Marg, Shipra Path, Rajat Path, New Sanganer Road, SFS Mansarovar, Thadi Market. There is also a college here. In such a situation, there are a large number of PGs here. Local residents are also earning a lot of income from this. Due to the increase in students, fast food centers and cafes are also becoming visible. Crowds of youth are seen in the cafe throughout the day.

Benefit for tourism and employment

Mansarovar is becoming a new education hub. There are many good schools and coaching centres here, where children from all over the city come to study. This is also providing employment to the local people. Mansarovar is emerging as a city of tourism and education. Any tourist who is coming to Jaipur is definitely visiting Mansarovar. Here the City Park and Fountain Square are attracting tourists. As soon as evening falls, a crowd of people gathers here.

A different view on the weekend

Fountain Square at Mansarovar, VT Road has become a new tourist destination for people in just a few days. Crowds gather here as soon as evening falls. People from all over the city are coming here. Especially on weekends, the view here is different. It has been given a heritage look. Chhatris and Barhadri have also been built here. It has been developed in 40 thousand square meters. Jaipur Chowpatty has been developed on 2 thousand 436 square meters near Dwarkadas Garden in Mansarovar. There are more than 15 shops of different cuisines here. People are getting delicious cuisines from India and abroad. Apart from Rajasthani food, fast food, Punjabi, Italian, South Indian, Chinese food, people are getting sweets, ice cream, juice, tea-coffee etc. Crowds are seen here as soon as evening falls.