Rajasthan is in a terrible Kaliyug, brother along with brother-in-law killed his sister

Pratapgarh : A painful story of murder of relations has come to light in Pratapgarh, which will send chills down your spine. The horrific manner in which the murderers carried out the crime is heart wrenching and is a stigma for civilized society. After the crime, the accused made every effort to mislead the police but were unsuccessful. The police today revealed this incident that happened 3 days ago and arrested the deceased’s brother, her husband and brother’s brother-in-law. The reason for the crime is said to be doubt on the character of the married woman.

Devgarh police station officer Nirbhay Singh said that on June 20, information was received about a dead body in the drain of Jambu Kheda village. When the police team reached the spot, a woman’s blood-soaked body was lying there. She was murdered in a gruesome manner. After interrogation, the police identified the body as Shyama, wife of Premchand Meena, a resident of Jambu Kheda. Both were married just a year ago. Seeing the seriousness of the case, the police collected evidence from the spot and sent the body to the mortuary of the district hospital for post-mortem. Here, the deceased’s father Surajmal Meena registered a case and expressed suspicion of murder on his son-in-law Premchand Meena. On receiving information about the case, Dhariyavad Police Deputy Superintendent Nana Lal Salvi also reached the spot and took information about the incident.

Based on suspicion, the police kept an eye on Premchand’s activities. During the police action, Premchand was present all the time and kept misleading the police. Two days later, when Premchand was trying to escape, the police took him into custody and when he was questioned strictly, he broke down. The events that have come to light after the interrogation are terrifying. Actually, Premchand doubted the character of his wife Shyama for talking to someone else. On June 17, when Premchand returned home after working as a labourer from Pratapgarh, Shyama was talking to someone on the mobile. When Premchand asked her, she did not answer and also hid her mobile. He also told this to Shyama’s brother Bherulal. The next day Shyama went somewhere from home, later it was found that she was sitting at the Pratapgarh bus stand.

On this, Premchand, Bherulal and Bherulal’s brother-in-law Lalu Ram reached Pratapgarh and took Shyama with them on their bike to Premchand’s house Jambu Kheda. Here all three sat and drank alcohol. During this time Shyama went somewhere from home, all three started looking for her but when she was not found, all three planned to kill her. When Shyama returned late at night, all three interrogated her, during this time all three started beating her, when she started screaming, two accused covered her mouth and started burning her by taking wood from the stove burning nearby.

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The brutality of the three did not stop here, one of them put burning logs in Shyama’s eyes which burnt her eyes and she was also beaten with a stick. So that no one gets to know about the incident, they threw Shyama in a drain outside the village but when her body started moving, the three again attacked her with stones and sticks and killed her. Revealing the incident, the police have arrested the deceased’s husband Premchand Meena, his real brother Bhairulal, resident of Pipli Kheda and his brother-in-law Lalu Ram. The police is engaged in further investigation.