Severe heat continues to wreak havoc in Rajasthan, dams dry up, pond water level decreases

Jaipur : Dams, ponds and rivers have dried up due to severe heat in Rajasthan. The falling water level of dams in the state has now increased the tension. The water level of Bisalpur and Jawai dam is falling even in pre-monsoon. Bisalpur has 26 percent water and Jawai dam has only 15.60 percent water. On the other hand, out of all the 691 small and big dams, 526 have completely dried up. The total water capacity in all these dams is 12900.82 million cubic meters. Currently, only 4158.22 million cubic meters of water is left in them. Before the monsoon arrived in June last year, the water level was 6251.48 cubic meters. There are only 165 dams in which the water level ranges from 10 percent to 93 percent.

disaster on dams due to scorching heat all 449 small dams dry up only 21 percent water is left in big | disaster on dams due to scorching heat in Rajasthan, 449 small

The water capacity in Chandlai, Kanota of Jaipur, Ana Sagar of Ajmer and Kota Barrage Dam of Kota is 80% of the total capacity of the dam. Out of this, the water of Chandlai, Kanota and Ana Sagar is not potable. Water can be released only as per the need of irrigation.