Social media became the reason for the death of this old man in Rajasthan, know the matter

Jodhpur : For those who use social media without thinking, a heart-wrenching and lesson-taking news is coming from Lohawat. Actually, an old baba committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree near the state highway in Lohawat last evening. The old baba who committed suicide had been going viral on social media for the last few days with the dialogue “Bhangar leno hai kai thare”. The deceased old baba used to carry a cart with him.

In fact, two-three months ago, a video went viral on social media in which an old baba is seen running a hawker and some young men stop near him in the name of helping him and ask for help. On being irritated by the mention of help, the baba goes ahead saying the dialogue “Bhangar leno kai thare”. That video became so viral on social media that wherever people see that baba, they keep teasing him in order to make videos saying “Bhangar leno kai thare” and the irritated baba runs after them and people make videos of him and post them on social media platforms.

This sequence was going on for the last several months. Today, when the information of the same old baba coming to Lohawat area was received, the people here also started teasing the baba with the same dialogue to make it viral on social media and the troubled baba started running after them to get rid of them. But late in the evening, the same old baba suddenly hanged himself from a tree near the state highway near Manohar Chauraha in Lohawat and committed suicide.

However, the police have not yet been able to confirm why the old baba committed suicide. But it is being speculated that the baba may have ended his life due to being disturbed by the videos that have gone viral on social media for the past several months. On receiving the information of suicide, the Lohawat police station reached the spot and took the body in its custody and kept it in the mortuary of Lohawat hospital. On the basis of the documents found with the baba, the police is trying to identify the deceased baba.