Pre-monsoon is angry in Kota, the least rainfall in last 10 years

Kota : Kota has received rain for only two days and after that people are suffering due to humidity and heat. This year, the lowest rainfall of only 9.1 mm has been recorded so far. This is 67 percent less rainfall than normal. According to the weather department’s forecast, monsoon is possible by 25-26 June, but at present the condition in Kota is bad due to heat, people are sweating due to humidity.

Average pre-monsoon rainfall up to 27 mm

In the last 10 years, the average pre-monsoon rainfall in Kota was 27 mm. This time it has decreased by about 18 mm. While talking about the areas around Kota, some places are raining more and some less. There is no rain in Kota, yet the gates of Kota Barrage had to be opened once. At some places, more than 100 mm of rain has occurred. No new system has been formed yet, due to which the monsoon will enter only after 25th.

Pre monsoon rain in last 10 years

If we talk about the last ten years in Kota, the least pre-monsoon rainfall has been recorded so far. 27 mm rainfall has been recorded in the year 2024, 35 mm in the year 2023, 73.4 mm in the year 2022, 53.1 mm in the year 2021, 25.9 in the year 2019, 22.1 in the year 2018, 11.9 in the year 2017, 11.9 in the year 2016, 21.1 in the year 2015, 22.3 in the year 2014 and 12.7 mm in the year 2013.