Kicking and punching took place at this toll plaza in Rajasthan, know the whole matter

Dausa : There was a big ruckus on Thursday morning at Dausa Titauli Toll Plaza in Rajasthan. There was a fierce fight between the women travelling in a van and the toll employees. The matter escalated so much that more women came from both the sides and soon there was a ruckus on the road. Finally the police had to come and calm the situation. Actually, a van was crossing the toll plaza in the morning. During this time, there was an altercation between the women travelling in the van and the toll employees over something. Soon this altercation turned into a scuffle and the women attacked the toll employees.

Seeing the anger of the women, the toll employees were seen running here and there to save their lives. Meanwhile, they called home and called the women of their family. Soon, many women from the toll employees’ side also reached the spot and then the second round of Mahasangram started. Women from both sides attacked each other. Hair was pulled, slaps were showered and they were dragged on the road and beaten up. This high voltage drama continued for about half an hour. During this time, people passing by also had to face a lot of trouble.

DSP told the reason for the ruckus

Meanwhile, Nangal-Rajawatan DSP Charul Gupta was passing by. The DSP intervened and separated the women and pacified the situation. She has asked for a written report of the entire matter. DSP Charul Gupta said, ‘The van did not have a fast tag and the people in the van were going without paying the toll, this is what started the dispute. This incident has once again made it clear that disputes often arise over small things at toll plazas. It is necessary that people act with patience and resort to peace and law in case of any kind of dispute.