This student in Rajasthan has made a wonderful jacket, you will not feel cold after wearing it, know its speciality

Bharatpur : A student living in Bharatpur, Rajasthan has shown a unique feat. Under this, student Purushottam Chaudhary has designed a smart heating jacket which will prove to be a boon for farmers and soldiers in the harsh winter. This heating jacket will provide relief to farmers and soldiers from the cold. Apart from this, this jacket will be charged by solar energy. Not only this, mobile can also be charged with the power bank attached to it. People are praising this feat of Purushottam Chaudhary, a student studying in class tenth.

Farmers and soldiers will get relief from cold

This unique heating jacket of Purushottam Chaudhary, who studies in class 10, will provide relief from cold to farmers working in the fields and soldiers guarding the border. This jacket will provide warmth to soldiers and farmers in the harsh cold. Student Purushottam said that after watching the movie and seeing the soldiers of the country guarding the border in the harsh cold in the snowy area, he felt like doing something for them. He thought of making such a thing which can remain warm from inside. So that soldiers and farmers get relief in the harsh cold.

Purushottam made a heating jacket for just 800 rupees

Student Purushottam told that the heating jacket he has prepared to provide relief from the harsh winter has been prepared for just 800 rupees. Purushottam told that he has used a normal warm jacket for this. After this, a heating element was installed in the jacket, which generates heat in the jacket. A rotary switch has been installed in it which can increase or decrease the heat of the jacket. An on-off switch has been installed. A battery and a power bank have also been installed.

The heating jacket can be charged using solar energy

Student Purushottam told that this heating jacket can be charged with solar energy in a short time with the help of the solar panel installed in it. After this jacket is fully charged, it will be able to provide relief from cold for about three to four hours. If the jacket is worn during the day, it can be charged with sunlight even during work. There will be very little need for separate charging. A power bank facility has also been kept in the jacket, with the help of which the mobile can also be charged during work.