Married woman murdered in Rajasthan over dowry demand, in-laws absconded, know the matter

Dausa : Lalsot (Dausa). A case of dowry murder has been registered in Lalsot police station by the bride’s side regarding the suspicious death of a married woman in Bhura Data Dhani of Digo village in the interior area. In the FIR, the bride’s side has filed a case against the in-laws by making serious allegations of not informing them, burning the body after the murder and running away leaving the body burning after seeing them.

Deputy SP Uday Singh said that the mother of the married woman, Lali Devi, wife of Ramkishan Meena, resident of Shahpura, has alleged in the FIR that she had married her daughter Sunita to Rajesh, son of Phaliram Meena, resident of Bhura Daati Dhani, Digo, in the year 2019, and since the marriage, he used to beat her daughter every day for dowry.

On Thursday, Sunita’s uncle-in-law Hansraj informed her brother Ashok that his niece Sunita had died. After this, her family reached Digho, where on seeing them, Sunita’s in-laws ran away leaving the body burning. The FSL team that arrived from the district headquarters collected evidence from the ashes of the pyre present in a field about one km away from the village.