More than 10 Congress councillors are in contact with BJP, know what the figures say

Jaipur : Congress councillors who are angry with the working style of Heritage Municipal Corporation Mayor Munesh Gurjar met state BJP president CP Joshi on Sunday night to demand her dismissal. About six Congress councillors held a long consultation with CP Joshi. Congress councillors said that the corruption charges against Munesh Gurjar have been proven and the ACB has also sought prosecution approval from the government. If reliable sources are to be believed, even though the Congress councillors may have met CP Joshi to demand the dismissal of Munesh Gurjar, the inside talk is that more than 10 Congress councillors are in touch with the BJP and the Congress board can fall anytime in the Heritage Municipal Corporation. After the change of government in the state, the contact of Congress councillors of Heritage Corporation with BJP leaders had increased. According to sources, councillors close to a former minister have launched this campaign.

These councilors met CP Joshi

The councillors who met state BJP president CP Joshi include Manoj Mudgal, Uttam Sharma, Dashrath Singh Shekhawat, Saroj Kanwar, Sunita Shekhawat and Jyoti Chauhan.

Councillors were also angry over not forming committees

Despite the Congress having a board in Heritage Nagar Nigam, the committees could not be formed for the last three years. Due to this, the Congress and the independent councillors who are supporting it were angry. A sit-in was even held in the Nagar Nigam to form the committees but despite that the committees could not be formed.

Congress board relies on independent councillors

The Congress board in Heritage Nagar Nigam is running with the support of independent councillors. Nine independent councillors have supported the Congress. Congress has 47 councillors, BJP has 44 councillors and 9 independent councillors.

The mayor had a tussle with the former minister

There has been a long tussle between Heritage Municipal Corporation Mayor Munesh Gurjar and the then Cabinet Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas. Before the assembly elections, there was a lot of allegations and counter-allegations between the two. Mayor Munesh Gurjar’s husband was also arrested by the ACB while taking bribe. It is also interesting that Pratap Singh Khachariyawas played a big role in making Munesh Gurjar the mayor.