This district of Rajasthan will get a big gift today, know what is special

Udaipur : Lake City is going to get the gift of a unique butterfly park on Monday. The specialty of this park is that a special species of butterfly found in it can be seen only here in the whole of India. This feature will force butterfly lovers from all over the world to come here. Deputy Forest Conservator Ajay Chittor said that the inauguration of the butterfly park will be a unique gift for tourists from India and abroad. Butterfly expert Mukesh Panwar, a resident of Sagwara in Dungarpur district, who played an important role in the construction of the butterfly park, said that the special feature of this butterfly park is the butterfly Zebra Skipper found here. Whose scientific name is Ernesta Zebra. Its life cycle i.e. egg, larva, pupa and flower nectar drinking plants (nectar plant) was published for the first time in the world through a research paper (Bionaut December 2023) on his research. This butterfly lays its eggs on a plant called Melhania Futeporensis. This plant is included in the list of endangered plants and the presence of this plant has been seen in the Butterfly Park.

Panwar has discovered this butterfly

This butterfly was discovered in India in the year 2020 by Mukesh Panwar in Sagwara district Dungarpur. At that time the genus of this butterfly was Spialia, hence it was discovered in the name of Spialia Zebra. He told that this butterfly has been seen in this park from August to December. In such a situation, this park will be the first butterfly park in India, where the presence of this butterfly can be seen.

Tourists will get these gifts today

The Forest Department will inaugurate the entertainment facilities prepared for the tourists in the city on Monday. Chief guest Assam Governor Gulabchand Kataria and the state’s Forest and Environment Minister Sanjay Sharma will inaugurate them. He will inaugurate Luvkush Vatika at Doodh Talai at 3.15 pm, Butterfly Park and Children’s Adventure Zone at Mewar Biodiversity Park in Amberi at 4 pm. After this, he will inaugurate the Eco Tourism Adventure Zone in Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Forest Chirwa at 4.15 pm. After this, he will lay the foundation stone of Lion Safari in Sajjangarh Biological Park at 5.30 pm and Anicut in Ubeshwar Ji at 6 pm.