New revelation in REET exam fraud, Gehlot’s name comes forward

Bharatpur : A case of fraud of Rs 42 lakh has been registered against Joginder Singh Awana, former MLA of Nadbai in Bharatpur district and former chairman of Devnarayan Board. The report also accuses him of giving Rs 10 lakh to his two daughters in exchange for passing the REET exam. Apart from this, the name of former CM Ashok Gehlot’s son Vaibhav Gehlot has also come to the fore. However, the then personal assistant secretary of the former MLA has lodged a case in Uchhain police station against Awana, his son and the Pradhan son of Uchhain Panchayat Samiti, accusing them of fraud.

SHO Pradeep Kumar said that Jugalapatti Uchhain resident Atarsingh son of Fatehsingh Gurjar has filed a report against former Nadbai MLA Jogindersingh Awana, wife Brijesh Kumari, son Himanshu Awana and said that Uchhain resident Mahavir Gurjar, Captainsingh and others had appointed me as personal assistant to former MLA Awana on a monthly salary of 25 thousand from December 2018. Where I worked till December 2023. I have not been paid the salary till date and former MLA Awana said that you can collect your salary on the marriage of your children.

Gehlot’s daughters were introduced to his son

Vaibhav Gehlot, son of the then Chief Minister of the Congress government Ashok Gehlot, came to Ucchain on 20 February 2022. A few days before the program, the then MLA Joginder Singh Awana had said that I keep talking directly to Vaibhav Gehlot. You give me 20 lakh rupees, I will get your two daughters passed in REET and get them a job as teachers. I collected 10 lakh rupees and gave it to former MLA Awana on 20 February 2022 after the program was over in exchange for getting the girls a job in Ucchain. That day Awana also introduced my daughters Anit Singh and Gori Kumari to Vaibhav Gehlot and said that I have spoken to Vaibhav. Your work will be done.

Threatened to send to jail if asked for money

The report says that a few days before the assembly elections 2024, when the code of conduct was about to be imposed, when a large amount of money was demanded, former MLA Awana refused to give it. Not only this, before the Rajasthan assembly elections, he threatened that if you tell anyone about the money, I will file a case against you and send you to jail for five-seven years.

A total of Rs 42 lakh has not been paid till date

The report alleges that for the preparation of Vaibhav Gehlot’s meeting, at the behest of MLA’s son Uchhain Panchayat Samiti Pradhan Himanshu Awana, Vijay Singh son Kunwar Pal Jat resident Bahrarekhpura was made to clean the meeting place through Atar Singh with four JCB machines. The payment of Rs 1.5 lakh for this has not been made till date. The Chief Minister’s meeting (Ashok Gehlot and Dotasara) was held in Uchhain on 25 December 2022. In this, at the behest of former MLA Joginder Singh Awana and his son Himanshu Awana (Pradhan Panchayat Samiti Uchhain), the total expenditure for publicity, vehicle arrangement, parking and cleaning of the meeting place etc. for gathering the crowd was about Rs 10 lakh 50 thousand from December 1 to December 25. Its payment has not been made to me till date. The total amount including honorarium is Rs 42 lakh.