NIA raids YouTuber’s hideouts in human trafficking case, video of police action surfaces

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted searches in three states including Rajasthan in connection with the human trafficking and cyber crime case involving YouTuber Balwant alias Bobby Kataria. On Thursday, the NIA conducted raids and searches at five places in Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. Incriminating material was found during the NIA search. Digital devices and documents have been seized.

The NIA conducted searches at the premises of suspects and travel agents in the three states who are linked to accused Balwant alias Bobby Kataria, owner of MBK Global Visa Private Limited. The NIA investigation revealed that all the suspects were involved in recruiting people and making other arrangements for human trafficking.

Recruiting young men for cyber fraud company
Balwant’s human trafficking syndicate is operating from Gurugram and other areas in and outside India. It recruits victims for a cyber fraud company based in Laos (a country in Asia) and then sends them out through human trafficking. All the victims are being sent from India to the Golden Triangle SEZ in Laos.

All the suspected accused are working for Bobby
Actually, Gurugram Police had registered a case regarding human trafficking and cyber crime. In the first week of June, NIA took over the case and started investigation. Today, the places of the suspects were searched in all three states. All the accused were working for Bobby Kataria’s MBK Global Visa Private Limited company. They used to promise people good jobs abroad.

They used to trap people who spoke good English
Accused Balwant Kataria’s associates and office associates used to trap young people who spoke good English through social media. The victims were deceitfully sent to Laos. There they were forced to work in a fraudulent call center. The young people who refused were physically tortured and their travel documents were also snatched away.