Now there is no mercy for adulterators in Rajasthan, raids were conducted on many shops and samples were taken

Jaipur : The government seems to be in active mode regarding food adulteration in Rajasthan. Under the special campaign launched to stop adulteration in Jaipur, the Food Safety Team led by the Commissioner Food Safety Team and the Chief Medical and Health Officer Jaipur’s team on Monday took action against several establishments in Capital Mall located in Jagatpura. During the action, major deficiencies were found mainly in M/s Tandoorwala.

These deficiencies were found during investigation

Medical reports of the staff, water and pest control reports and cleanliness were not found here, license was also not found. Also, veg and non-veg were found kept at one place. There is a lot of dirt here. Apart from this, the workers working here were also found cooking without gloves and caps. Sample of paneer was taken from here and action was taken to issue notice under section 32 of Food Security Act-2006.

Instructions to rectify all deficiencies

Similarly, license display was not found in most of the other establishments of the mall. All these are licensed category shops, although they were found to have food registration. They were ordered to obtain license. Most of these firms were found to be dirty. Also, medical reports of the staff, water and pest control reports were also not found. They were directed on the spot to display the food license (at the appropriate place). Also, instructions were given to improve all the deficiencies.