Passion for travelling made the girl do this, theft in the house, fled to Manali, know the matter

Bhilwara : The Kotwali police of Bhilwara district of Rajasthan has made a shocking revelation. The stolen money of Baksu Jat, who lives in Harni village, has been recovered. 90 lakh rupees were stolen, out of which 82 lakh rupees in cash has been recovered. The biggest thing is that this theft was done by Baksu Jat’s granddaughter Pooja Chaudhary along with some of her friends.

This is how granddaughter stole 90 lakh rupees from her grandfather

Kotwali police said that a few days ago Baksu Jat had sold his ancestral land. Some of his neighbours and relatives knew about this. They also knew that 90 lakh rupees were kept in the safe in the house. Pooja Chaudhary, who lived in the neighbouring house and was Baksu Jat’s distant granddaughter, made preparations to steal this money. A few days ago when Baksu Jat slept with the keys of the safe under his pillow, the granddaughter secretly took out the keys and then took out the bag containing 90 lakh rupees kept in the safe. Pooja Chaudhary was helped by two relatives and acquaintances named Suresh Jat and Narayan Jat.

One lakh devotees offered prayers at Khatu Shyam

After stealing 90 lakh rupees, the granddaughter and the others first went to visit Khatu Shyam Ji and donated ₹1 lakh there. After that they bought a second hand car for ₹1,50,000 and then went for a stroll in Kullu Manali and the surrounding places. They spent ₹8 lakh in just a few days. The police were suspicious of Pooja Chaudhary from the words of Baksu Jat. When it was found out that she had gone for a trip and took the car, the police immediately took her into custody. On being questioned a little strictly, she confessed to the theft. 82 lakhs had been hidden at one of her relatives’ place, which has been recovered. The police have recovered the car and the money.