The wife who fell in love with another man gave a horrific death to her husband, people were shocked, know the matter

Kota : Police has solved the case of murder of a youth in Chhipabarod town of Baran district of Rajasthan. The mastermind of this entire incident is none other than the wife of the deceased. Who wanted to live with the youth living on rent at her place. Police has arrested the wife of the deceased and three other people in the case. They are now being interrogated.

33 lakhs, the lover’s intentions got spoilt

Actually, Hakim Khan had built a house near Idgah Mosque and lived there with his family for three-four years. About 8 months ago, Farooq Hussain came to rent a room in this house and started living there. Meanwhile, Farooq and Hakim’s wife Raeesa became close to each other. About three to four months ago, Raeesa sold her share of about 1.5 bighas of land for Rs 33 lakh. In such a situation, the tenant Farooq had a plan to grab the money.

Made a deal for her husband’s death for Rs 3 lakh

There was a closeness between Raeesa and Farooq but Farooq wanted that Raeesa’s husband Hakim Khan should not come between them. That is why he made a complete plan with Raeesa. 20 days ago Raeesa and Farooq told Raeesa’s nephew Asif and relative Rizwan about this and made a deal with them for 3 lakhs. These people planned to murder Hakim and throw his body in the well, but they could not succeed in this plan.

The wife kept sleeping and got the husband murdered

On June 23, both the accused were called to the house by Raeesa and her lover Farooq. However, Farooq went to his village. When Raeesa and Hakim were sleeping at home at night, Rizwan and Asif reached there. They murdered Raeesa together and then threw the body down from the wall. When the police started investigating the case, it came to light that Farooq and Raeesa had an illicit relationship. When the police interrogated both of them, the whole matter was revealed.

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