Rajasthan will soon get relief from power crisis, know the big news

Jaipur : Electricity crisis is a big problem in Rajasthan, continuous efforts are being made by the government to deal with it. Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma has shown activeness to address the concern of coal shortage and lack of power supply. Due to the active efforts of CM Bhajanlal, Rajasthan will now get 4 lakh metric tonnes (about 100 rakes) of coal stuck in Chhattisgarh. This coal will increase the coal reserves in the power plants of the state and adequate electricity will be available to the general public.

4 lakh metric tonnes of coal stuck in washeries

Rajasthan State Electricity Generation Corporation had ordered Aryan Coal Beneficiation India Limited (ACBEL) in Korba, Chhattisgarh to supply coal from SECL’s mine to Suratgarh and Chhabra thermal power plants for 5 years. But in July 2022, ACBEL’s washeries were sealed due to joint action of Chhattisgarh’s State Tax (GST) Department, Mineral Department, Revenue Department and Environment Department. Due to this, about 4 lakh metric tonnes of coal from Rajasthan got stuck in the washeries.

CM urged to release coal

Chief Minister Sharma took immediate cognizance of this matter and contacted Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai and the Central Government and requested to release the coal. Due to Sharma’s tireless efforts, the Chhattisgarh government took serious and immediate action to get the coal released. Recently, the District Collector Korba ordered the release of the said 4 lakh metric tonnes of coal. This 4 lakh metric tonnes of coal will ensure the supply of about 100 coal racks to Rajasthan, which will help the power plants of the Generation Corporation in increasing the coal reserves.