Safari is closed in Sariska National Park but tourists are still able to see tigers

Alwar : National Parks of the country and state remain closed for three months during monsoon season. In such a situation, Bala Quila Buffer Zone of Sariska National Park is open for tourists. These days tourists are sighting four tigers here. ST 19 and its three cubs are visible in the buffer zone of Sariska. Wildlife expert Himanshu Sharma captured the tiger and its cubs on camera by doing a safari in Sariska buffer zone.

Wildlife expert Himanshu Sharma said that the sighting of tigers in the buffer zone after the core zone is closed during the monsoon season is a very good sign for Sariska tourism and Rajasthan tourism. Now the tourists who used to come to the core zone have started turning towards the buffer zone. Himanshu Sharma said that sighting of tigers in the buffer zone has now become a common thing.