Skeleton of an 18-year-old girl found in Rajasthan, sensation among people, know the matter

Tonk : In the postmortem and investigation of a human skeleton found on July 3 in the Deal River of Jamdoli village, it was found that an unknown woman was murdered and buried in the ground. But the deceased has not been identified yet. Baroni Police Station Officer Omprakash said that in the postmortem, the remains of the skeleton found from the spot were found to be of a human. This skeleton is of an 18-year-old girl. Its height is about five feet and one inch. He said that the evidence found from the spot, the postmortem report and the investigation found that the unknown woman was murdered about 20 to 22 days ago and to hide the murder, the killers buried the body in a pit of about 4-5 feet in the Deal River and fled.

The police officer said that on July 3, on receiving information about a human skeleton in the Deel river of Jamdoli, he reached the spot, Deel river, Jamdoli. The villagers present there told that some wild dogs were roaming in the river with the leg of a human skeleton in their mouth. When the search was done in the river, the dogs found a leg of a human skeleton and some parts of the body, including the skeleton of the skull, the upper jaw and the torso of the body, about half a foot and one hand in the river. After this, the police searched the area around thoroughly but there was a pit about 4-5 feet deep in the river. In the presence of the MIU team and FSL team from Tonk, the rest of the remains of the human body were excavated to take out the pit found in the river. The police are continuously engaged in investigation regarding the identification of the deceased and the disclosure of the murder case.