The image of the desert and the pink city is getting tarnished, haphazard arrangements on the roads

Jaipur : The image of Rajasthan or the Pink City, famous for its huge forts and mansions, that a domestic or foreign tourist lands with in his mind at Sanganer Airport, gets tarnished as soon as he enters the city. On this road entering the city, haphazard commercial activities and stray animals are visible, but no glimpse of the Pink City or Rajasthan, famous for its architecture all over the world, is visible. What is the situation in this whole matter and how can it be improved? Watch this positive initiative of First India News in this regard.

Terminal 2 of the Sanganer Airport of the capital was inaugurated in the year 2009. Passengers coming out of this Terminal 2 of the airport take the road towards Jawahar Circle to reach the city. The domestic or foreign tourist lands at Sanganer Airport with an image of Jaipur or the Pink City and the capital of the desert state of Rajasthan, which is famous all over the world for its architecture, city planning and beauty, in his mind. But as soon as that tourist comes out of Terminal 2 of Sanganer Airport and reaches this road going towards Jawahar Circle, seeing the condition of this road, the image of the Pink City completely disappears from his heart and mind. First of all, let us tell you what is the condition of this road?

-Commercial activities are growing haphazardly on the road leading from Terminal 2 of the airport to Jawahar Circle

-If you look at both sides of this road, some construction is going on with the approval of JDA

-After leaving the airport, huge constructions are going on on both sides of this road corner

-On one side there is a plan to start a big club and on the other side residential activities

-When these activities start, there will be a huge pressure of vehicles of the people coming in them on this road

– Most of the construction or commercial activities going on at the site do not have any approval from JDA

– On both sides of the road, there are dairy booths and restaurants or cafes.

– Stray animals are also often seen roaming on this road going from Terminal 2 of the airport towards Jawahar Circle

– Many times vehicular movement is obstructed due to haphazard parking outside the airport premises

-No such efforts have been made by JDA or any responsible agency for this important road

– Due to which an outsider coming here feels that he has come to the Pink City or any big city of Rajasthan

– A welcome gate has been built by JDA at Jawahar Circle, right in front of this road, at a cost of Rs 33 crore

– Experts also have their own questions about this five-storey welcome gate made of white marble

-Experts believe that there is a huge park in Jawahar Circle, something different should have been built here in conformity with this green environment

Considering the importance of this road going from Terminal 2 of VO-Sanganer Airport towards Jawahar Circle, efforts were made for planned and necessary development here, but these efforts could not reach fruition. The purpose of these efforts was to curb the rapidly growing commercial activities here and develop it as a road on which the tourist passing by can get acquainted with the identity of the city or this state. Let us tell you what these efforts are and why they could not reach fruition.

– On 9 March 2017, in a high level meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary, a big decision was taken regarding VIP security at the State Hangar

-In this meeting, it was decided to acquire the three multi-storey buildings built near the State Hangar

– The process of acquisition of these buildings was started in April 2017

-Urban Development Department sent a proposal to the District Collector for the acquisition of buildings

-The District Collector appointed the SDM as the Land Acquisition Officer

-Cost of compensation for acquisition estimated at around Rs 495 crore

-There was a tussle over which government department should bear this cost

-An order was issued on 8 March 2018 during the previous BJP government

-Under this order, the height of buildings within 500 metre radius of the State Hangar was limited

– According to this order, 10 feet up to 200 meters, 14 feet up to 250 meters, 18 feet up to 300 meters,

– 22 feet upto 350 meters, 26 feet upto 400 meters, 30 feet upto 450 meters

-And buildings could be constructed only up to a height of 34 feet for up to 500 meters

-During the previous Congress government, a meeting of the building map committee layout plan was held under the chairmanship of the then JDA commissioner T Ravikant

-In the meeting held on 9 August 2019, there was a discussion about approving the height of buildings near the airport

-Concerns were raised in the meeting that if too many commercial activities were allowed on the airport road

-Then the pressure of vehicles on this road will increase

-It was decided in the meeting that 30 meters or

-The height prescribed in the order issued by UDH on 8 March 2018 or the height obtained from the Civil Aviation Department

-The height of the buildings should be approved at whichever is less

-It was also decided in the meeting that hotels or service apartments etc. should be approved within the airport perimeter

-JDA sent this policy decision to the state government for approval

-But in August 2020, restrictions on the height of buildings within the perimeter of the State Hangar were lifted

-For this a notification was issued by Jaipur Development Authority

-This decision was taken in the meeting of the Cabinet Empowered Committee constituted in coordination with the then UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal

-According to the notification issued on the basis of this decision, it was decided that the height of the buildings will be decided on the basis of the NOC of the Airport Authority.

We told you about the current condition of the road going from Terminal 2 of the airport to Jawahar Circle. We also told you what efforts were made to stop the increasing pressure of vehicles and haphazard settlement on this important road and what was their result. To improve the condition of this road and develop it as a reflection of the Pink City or Jaipur, First India News discussed with subject experts. We tell you how this important road can be improved according to the experts?

-Airports of big cities like Tokyo and Singapore abroad, Manohar International Airport of North Goa in the country,

-Bangalore’s new airport and the outskirts of Ahmedabad airport have been developed in a theme based manner

-As soon as the tourist lands at these airports, he gets to know which city he has landed in and what is the identity of that city

-World famous architecture, town planning, art and craft are the identity of Jaipur city

-The Parkota area of ​​Jaipur has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in July 2019

-The desert state of Rajasthan is known throughout the world for the craftsmanship of its forts and mansions.

-According to experts, tourists coming on this road from Sanganer Airport should be made aware of this identity of the city and the state

-So that just like the airports of big cities of India and abroad, the tourists landing here also realise what is the identity of the city or state they have come to

-For this it is necessary that a special master plan of this road be prepared by JDA

-This special master plan should be included in the new master plan of the city to be made till the year 2047

-To strictly implement this plan, land should be acquired in the prescribed width on both sides of the road

-Airport related activities should be developed on this land strip unclaimed on both sides

– Activities like waiting area, lounge, recreational activity, cafe, restaurant, parking etc. can be developed for the airport.

-Under this plan, the type design of the front elevation of the buildings to be constructed on both sides of the road should be determined

-This type design should be similar to the architecture, town planning and art and culture of the Pink City and Rajasthan

-On the lines of the rampart, the main gates of these buildings should not be proposed directly on this road

-Similar height standards should be set for the buildings to be constructed on both sides of this road

-The land use of buildings on both sides of the road should be decided in such a way that the traffic pressure does not increase here in future

-It is important to keep in mind the possible traffic pressure as this is the most important road going from the airport to the city

-Arrangements should be made to keep this area completely free from stray animals

JDA and other responsible agencies should prepare a concrete plan for this road going from Sanganer Airport Terminal to Jawahar Circle. First India News has given suggestions regarding what this plan should be like by discussing with experts while fulfilling its social responsibility. If no action is taken soon regarding this road, then the day is not far when vehicles travelling between the airport and the city will remain stuck in traffic jams and the haphazard settlement happening here will become a problem.