Woman dies due to treatment by quack doctor in Rajasthan, villagers angry

Udaipur : A woman died in Kotada, Udaipur on Saturday due to the negligence of a quack doctor. The woman’s family alleges that the doctor gave the woman the wrong treatment. Due to which her health deteriorated. Later she died while being taken to the hospital. At present, the doctor has fled from the spot. Angry villagers pelted stones at the doctor’s rented house due to the woman’s death.

Death due to negligence of quack doctor

In the tribal areas and in remote areas where the facility of government doctors is not available, treatment is done by Bengali quack doctors. They are not trained doctors. That is why they treat the patient in their own way. In such a situation, many times people have to suffer the consequences due to wrong treatment. A similar incident happened in which a woman lost her life. After the death of the woman, the quack doctor fled from the spot.

What is the whole matter?

When Khejri resident Sirmi (55) fell ill, her family took her to a private clinic in Bikarni for treatment where the quack doctor gave her the wrong treatment without any examination. After the treatment, the woman’s health deteriorated further, after which Sirmi died on the way to another hospital. Police station officer Praveen Singh Rajpurohit said that after this incident, angry villagers pelted stones at the houses where the doctor lived on rent, due to which two people were injured. When the police got the information, they immediately reached the spot, but the people who did the stone pelting had fled from there. At present, the quack doctor is absconding from there and a case will be registered against him.