The movement of planets will change, Shanidev will move in reverse direction, these zodiac signs will benefit, know

Jaipur : the next ten days will be very important in terms of planetary movements. During this time, due to the change in the zodiac signs of the big planets of the celestial sphere, changes will be seen in different areas along with the people of different zodiac signs. According to astrologers, Shani Dev, the god of justice, will change his movement after two days, that is, he will move in reverse direction. Due to this, Indra Dev will be kind along with thunder in the weather. The common people will get relief from the heat. Along with this, inflation will also reduce. However, people of some zodiac signs will get less positive results. According to astrologer Pt. Damodar Prasad Sharma, Shani Dev is currently in Aquarius and he will be retrograde in this zodiac on June 29 at 12:40 late night. Shani Dev will remain in this state till November 15.

Mercury will also change the zodiac sign

The prince of the solar system, Mercury, will also enter Cancer from Gemini on June 29 at 12:27 pm. Its effect will be on the people of all 12 zodiac signs. Astrologer Pandit Damodar Prasad Sharma said that Cancer is called a water element zodiac. Due to this, the change of zodiac signs of the planets brings superiority in rain. The planet Venus, which is a cause of happiness and prosperity, will also enter Cancer on July 7 at 4:31 am. Due to this, Mercury and Venus will remain in one zodiac. On the same day, Venus will rise in the east. This will increase happiness, prosperity and grandeur among the people. On July 10, with the end of the childish defect of Venus, auspicious and auspicious works will begin. Monsoon will also be better. According to the Megh Mahamaha Granth, Rohini resides on the coast. This coincidence is a factor of happiness increase for the land area due to being formed in the earth element zodiac signs, so monsoon rain will be very helpful in this. There will also be relief from inflation.

Understand it like this

Astrologer Pandit Rajendra Sharma and Pandit Ghanshyam Sharma said that this conjunction of Venus and Mercury will be highly fruitful for the upcoming monsoon. Venus plays a fundamental role in the cultivation of juices, so southern Rajasthan is likely to receive the maximum rainfall during the monsoon season. There are also indications of good rainfall in eastern Rajasthan.

This will be the effect on the zodiac signs

Aries: Increase in prosperity along with family happiness
Taurus: Respect and honour will increase and you will get happiness from your brothers
Gemini: Special benefits in economic projects
Cancer: Incomplete tasks will be completed due to high morale
Leo: Expenses increase with a lot of running around
Virgo: Profit from economic projects
Libra: Incomplete tasks will be completed with the help of senior officials
Scorpio: Some work will get done with the help of luck, there will be a lot of running around
Sagittarius: Trouble from travel and opposition from brothers
Capricorn: There will be excellence in domestic happiness, money expenditure will be more
Aquarius: Some work may get stopped due to anger
Pisces: Avoid unnecessary expenses, happiness of children will increase