There will be a change in Bhajanlal cabinet, these MLAs will get a chance, see the list

Jaipur : Madhya Pradesh’s BJP government has expanded the cabinet on Monday. In such a situation, now the discussion of cabinet reshuffle and expansion has intensified in political circles in Rajasthan as well. The budget session of the assembly is currently going on in the state. In such a situation, there may possibly be a change in the cabinet of Bhajan Lal government in August. There has been little tradition of cabinet expansion during the ongoing session of the assembly. Whether the resignation of Agriculture Minister Kirori Lal Meena will be accepted or not. This matter may also possibly remain pending till the cabinet reshuffle and expansion. According to high-ranking sources of BJP connected to Delhi, Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma had gone to Delhi recently. During the Delhi visit, there has been immediate discussion with some leaders regarding cabinet reshuffle and expansion. There will be more discussion now. The impact of the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections will also be seen in this cabinet reshuffle and expansion.

The MLAs who have given good results can be awarded ministerial posts. The ministers who have got bad results and their performance as ministers in the last six months has also been poor. Such ministers can also be removed. It is being told that there are more complaints in Delhi against 3 to 4 ministers. In such a situation, there is a high possibility of their removal. There will be changes in the departments of some ministers as well.

There can be 30 members in the cabinet, currently there are 24

According to the rules, only 15 percent of the total MLAs can become ministers. There are 200 members in the state assembly. In such a situation, a total of 30 ministers can be made including the CM. At present, there are 24 ministers including the CM. Six ministerial posts are vacant and a decision is to be taken on the resignation of Kirori Meena. In such a situation, if the government removes 3 to 4 ministers, then 8 to 10 new MLAs can be made ministers.

The effect of by-elections will also be seen on 5 seats

Regional and caste equations will also be considered in the cabinet expansion, so that BJP can benefit in the by-elections to be held soon on 5 seats. There is a high possibility of new MLAs from Eastern Rajasthan, Shekhawati and Pagar being made ministers.