Good news for women, 33% reservation in police recruitment in Rajasthan

Jodhpur : State Home Minister Jawahar Singh Bedham said on Monday at the third convocation of Sardar Patel Police, Security and Criminal Justice University in Jodhpur that now 33 percent reservation is being given to women in police recruitment in Rajasthan. Till now the reservation was 30 percent, which has been increased by three percent. The government has already announced 50 percent women reservation in the first level of third class teaching recruitment.

Minister of State for Home Affairs Bedham described cyber crime as the biggest challenge of the present times. He said that the Deeg district from where he comes has the highest cyber crime rate of the country, around 18 percent. After the formation of the new government, effective action was taken against the criminals due to which it has now come down to 6-7 percent.

If police reaches the spot, justice can be provided upto 90 percent

Bedham said that if the police reaches the spot at the time of any crime and takes the right decision at the right time, then 90 percent hope of justice is there.

Government will rejuvenate the Police University

The Minister of State for Home said in his address from the stage that he has spoken to the Vice Chancellor of Police University, Dr. Alok Tripathi many times. He tells that the kind of system and resources that should be there in the university are not there. Bedham spoke about the rejuvenation of the Police University from the stage.