Inflation hits the public, onion prices rise, 50 to 60 rupees per kg

Jaipur : Inflation is increasing day by day. Sometimes some food items become cheap, while on the other hand some food items become expensive. Onion, which was available for 20 to 25 rupees a kilo till a few days ago, is now making people cry. The price of onion has now reached 50 to 60 rupees per kilo. In the beginning of June, onion was being sold for 20 to 25 rupees per kilo. But due to severe heat, the onion crop got spoiled. Due to which the retail price of onion has doubled during the last one week.

Now the aroma and taste of onion seasoning in the kitchen is vanishing. The main reason for the increase in prices is the arrival of half from Mathania, Bhopalgarh of Jodhpur. The onion crop has deteriorated due to the scorching heat. Earlier 50 vehicles were coming to Muhana Mandi every day. But now only about 20 to 25 vehicles are coming to Muhana Mandi every day. The arrival of onions from Sikar is also weakening. At present, the pace of arrival of onions from Nashik is also slowing down. It will take two months for the new crop to arrive from Khairthal of Alwar. Onion is being sold at a wholesale price of 25 to 30 rupees per kg in Muhana Mandi. If wholesale traders are to be believed, the price of onions can increase further. Let us tell you that not only the price of onion is increasing in the markets, but the price of tomatoes is also increasing continuously. As soon as the monsoon arrives, the arrival of vegetables in the markets decreases, due to which the price of vegetables starts increasing, in such a situation, it is feared that this time the crisis of inflation may remain throughout the monsoon.