Pickup Truck Falls on Biker After Braking on Speed Breaker, Both Husband and Wife Die

Jalore, June 20 : A tragic accident occurred near Nimbla village in the Bhadrajun police station area of Jalore district when a pickup truck fell on a biker after braking on a speed breaker. The biker’s wife was thrown off and both were killed in the incident.

Speed Breaker

Bhadrajun Police Station Incharge Premaram reported that Shravan Kumar (35), a resident of Umkali village in Pali, was traveling on a bike with his wife Sapna (32). They were on their way from Bhadrajun to Sapna’s parental home in Thuli village (Sumerpur, Pali) to visit a temple. Near Nimbla village, Shravan slowed down the bike upon seeing a speed breaker. A high-speed pickup truck coming from behind lost control and collided with the bike.

Sapna was thrown off the bike and fell at a distance, while Shravan fell at the spot. The pickup truck, unable to control, overturned on Shravan and dragged him a considerable distance. Shravan sustained severe injuries, with multiple body parts getting crushed on the road, leading to his immediate death. Sapna also suffered serious injuries in the accident. The pickup’s cargo scattered on the road, and the driver fled the scene immediately after the incident.

A crowd gathered, and local residents informed the Bhadrajun police about the accident. Sapna was rushed to Ahor Hospital by ambulance, where she succumbed to her injuries during treatment. The police have kept both bodies in the Ahor Hospital morgue.

The police reported that the pickup truck was coming from the direction of Bhadrajun. After the incident, the driver abandoned the vehicle and fled. Both vehicles have been seized and kept at the police station. The loaded goods in the pickup truck have also been confiscated. A search is underway for the driver. Postmortems will be conducted once the families arrive. Station Incharge Premaram mentioned that Shravan was a sanitation worker in Umkali village. Shravan and Sapna had been married just a year ago.